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Reasons to Tour Myanmar

Myanmar has currently been on the news with not so pleasing images about the situation there. Too bad the media showed only the gruesome activities and forgot to share the beauty of Myanmar, a country located in Asia. There are two sides of a coin and Myanmar's beauty cannot be overshadowed by other situations. There are a number of reasons as to why you should visit Myanmar. Apart from the warm hospitality by the locals, there are many tourist attractions in which one should keep in mind when touring the country. If you have a bucket list on countries to visit here is Myanmar is another reason to be put on that list. You can read more about holiday to myanmar by clicking the link.


The Bagan temples are ancient sites located in Burma and it is well renowned for unifying regions that have constituted the modern day Myanmar. The temples carry with them rich history that will not only be pleasing to the ears but also to the eyes. With over 10, 000 temples existing since the 11th and 13th centuries, only 2200 remain. The sprawling remote landscape of temple-studded plains with other worldly magnificence can be explored and experienced either on foot or by bike. Now that one has been educated with some rich history, one can experience some fun as you get to go hot-air ballooning. This is the best way to see the ancient temples and any other attractions around them. People with the fear of heights may consider getting to the area and catch the not common sight of these balloons as they soar into the air.


When travelling, the first thing you always have in mind is the budget. If you are looking for a pocket friendly adventure, then Myanmar is the place to be. The sudden rise in tourists visiting the place has had an impact in cost inflation. If you want to dine like a king or queen, it is very easy as food is easily afforded. Get to have a taste of Myanmar's traditional delicacies with most meals averaging 2 dollars. Its geographical location gives Myanmar's cuisine a reason to talk about as it is a mixture of Thai, Chinese and Indian. Tell me you don't want to taste that. Find out more information about yangon tour.


One can think of Myanmar as a pocket friendly Hawaii as it has stunning islands and white sands coupled by palm lined shores as heavenly as Ngpali Beach. The riches of Myanmar cannot be put to paper and one just has to set foot and go see for themselves. With the help of Yangon Tours, I do not know why you would give it a second thought.